Send and Receive money via woPurse

Fastest way to pay online or receive payments from customers with instant settlement. No 24hrs settlement delay.

Why woPurse?

Fastest way to pay online

Ability to make online payment faster on any platform that supports woPurse.

Start accepting payments instantly

woPurse is the fastest way to start accepting online payments with instant settlement.

Simple, transparent pricing

Zero integration fee. There's charge of 1% on ₦1 - ₦999 / ₦50 on ₦1,000 up per successful transaction.

Trusted by 100,000+ businesses.

woPurse for individual

Individual can use woPurse to pay on any platform that supports woPurse Payment System.

woPurse for businesses

Accept payments from customers with no delay. woPurse offers instant payment settlement.

WO for developers

Integrate our API into any website that supports PHP and we offer seamless webhook response.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is depositing fee?

There is charge of 1% on ₦1 - ₦999 / ₦50 on ₦1,000 up on each successful transaction.

Do you have integration fee?

We don't charge for integration. It is totally free.

How long does it take to receive payout/settlement?

You can withdraw your payment collections any time.

Who can withdraw payment from account?

Only people with woBusiness account can withdraw payment collections.